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America’s Test Kitchen Season 17 Trailer

The NEW season of America’s Test Kitchen debuts on and TV stations in January 2017! Find your local listings and air times:

Web members can watch episodes on on the dates below (the videos are available two weeks later for free viewing by nonmembers):

1/7/17: Cast Iron Staples
1/14/17: Two Modern Stews
1/21/17: Back to Basics
1/28/17: New England Classics
2/4/17: Flavorful Italian Favorites (formerly Italian Vegetarian)
2/11/17: Seafood Supper
2/18/17: The Ultimate Sticky Buns
2/25/17: Hearty One Pot Meals
3/4/17: Outsmarting Thanksgiving
3/11/17: Korean Feast
3/18/17: Big Easy Favorites
3/25/17: Pantry Pastas
4/1/17: Refreshing Desserts
4/8/17: Baked Alaska Showstopper
4/15/17: Italian Chicken
4/22/17: Autumn Desserts
4/29/17: Chinese Takeout, Revised
5/6/17: Elegant Fall Dinner
5/13/17: Canning Classics
5/20/17: Steak and Veggies
5/27/17: Mediterranean Grill
6/3/17: A Spanish Affair
6/10/17: Fast Food Makeovers
6/17/17: Summer Dinner Party
6/24/17: Summer Pork Supper
7/1/17: Comfort Classics

America’s Test Kitchen is the most-watched cooking show on public television—more than 2 million viewers tune in each week—and in January 2017, America’s Test Kitchen will launch its 17th season with hosts Bridget Lancaster and Julia Collin Davison. Bridget and Julia have been fixtures on the show from the very beginning, sharing their cooking skills and deep knowledge of food with viewers over the hundreds of recipes they’ve prepared on air as test cooks. Now, they’re heading into the test kitchen to bring you equipment reviews, taste tests, and recipes for the home cook.

Bridget and Julia lead our team of test cooks as they deconstruct recipes and reveal the test kitchen’s secrets to foolproof cooking at home. In addition to test cooks Dan Souza and Becky Hays, who viewers have come to love and trust, the 17th season will feature Cook’s Country’s veteran test cook Erin McMurrer along with new test cooks Elle Simone, Keith Dresser, and Tim Chin. This season, we grill pizza and paella, harness the power of science to make Baked Alaska and corned beef, and share the secrets behind sourdough bread, chicken and sausage gumbo, and flawless baked potatoes. We show you how to master the art of canning and perfect Chinese takeout at home, and we take the intimidation out of cooking in cast iron.

Jack Bishop continues to head up the tasting lab at America’s Test Kitchen and challenges hosts Bridget and Julia to taste-test supermarket staples. Based on tastings completed in the test kitchen, Jack reveals our top recommendations for olive oil, soy sauce, Parmesan, and more.

Adam Ried, the test kitchen’s equipment expert, takes hosts Bridget and Julia through his top equipment recommendations for the home cook. From food processors to waffle irons and carbon-steel skillets to gas grills, Adam provides unbiased results from America’s Test Kitchen’s exhaustive testing.

America’s Test Kitchen tests hundreds of gadgets each year to find out what’s hot and what’s not. Gadget guru Lisa McManus reviews her favorite gadgets and reveals which ones are worth the cost. Gadgets include oven thermometers, pie carriers, personal blenders, and many more.

Dan Souza explores the science behind cake thermodynamics, the difference between wild and farmed salmon, which piece of Parmesan cheese is best, and other mysteries of food.

Videos & Recipes:

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