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Home / Apple Gadgets / Best gadgets to buy in 2018

Best gadgets to buy in 2018

The list includes
Apple I pad 9.7 inch 2018.
Amazon Kindle paperwhite.
Fitbit altra HR
Sony WH-1000 X M2
Jaybird run
Sansung GALAXY S9 +
Sonos PLAY 5
Apple TV 4K
Oppo PM-3
Apple watch series 3

These are some gadgets you can buy this year.

In tablets.
We have, apple I pad 9.7 inch 2018.
The timeless design remains, as does the high-resolution screen, intuitive software and huge collection of apps. No platform can compete when it comes to apps designed specifically for tablets.

The 2018 edition supports the Apple Pencil, adding one of the Pro’s key features at a fraction of the price. Add a Bluetooth keyboard and you have a capable alternative to a laptop and 4G versions give you the ultimate freedom to work anywhere.

The Kindle Paperwhite isn’t the most advanced e-reader, but it does everything you need.

The built-in light gives you perfect clarity in any light and the 300ppi screen is pleasantly sharp and detailed. It lacks water resistance, but unless you love to read in the bath then you won’t miss that feature.

FITBIT ALTA HR is the best option.

If you don’t have a fitness tracker, the Fitbit Alta HR  is a great place to start. Unlike a smartwatch, the battery lasts a whole week and the slim and discreet band houses plenty of tech. It tracks steps, calories burned, sleep and heart rate and comes in six colours. The only downside is it’s not waterproof.

In WIRELESS HEADPHONES: SONY WH-1000 X M2 is a good option.

Bose used to be the king of wirelsss noise-cancelling headphones and the Bose QC35 II are an outstanding set of headphones, but I recommend you the Sony WH-1000 X M2. Bose just about edges things for noise cancelling, but Sony wins on sound quality and design. The touch controls on the right earcup work beautifully and the latest version of these headphones boosts battery life to a whopping 30 hours.

Q ACOUSTICS M3 does good job.
Most importantly the audio performance is excellent, delivering a room-filing sound with decent bass thanks to a built-in subwoofer. As a result the M3 can handle whatever you throw at it, whether it’s a new TV show, the latest movie or even your favourite music playlist.

Headphones for running: jaybird run is the best

A pair of wireless earbuds that tick nearly every box. Each earbud weighs just 15g, so you’ll barely notice you’re wearing them. Four hours of battery life is enough for most distances and a charging case stores enough energy for another four hours of use.

These earbuds don’t protrude, creating a subtle look and they’re water and sweat resistant. The only thing they lack are tracking features, such as steps or heart rate

GALAXY S9 + does everything good.
The Samsung Galaxy S9+  fits a 6.2-inch display into a shell that feels, well, normal. Granted, it doesn’t look that different to the Galaxy S8+, but Samsung’s hardware design is still ahead of most rivals.

It shrugs off a few trends too. There’s a headphone jack, now a baffling rarity in new and expensive phones, and no notch. The most important change since the S8+ is a 2x zoom camera on the back, bringing it in line with the iPhone X. Samsung also followed Apple with its AR Emojis, but like a middle-aged uncle suddenly getting into grime music, it’s all faintly embarrassing.


Sonos has long been the go-to brand for multiroom speakers, and the Play:5 confirms why. This understated-looking speaker easily fills rooms with rich sounds and its 3.5mm audio socket means you can also plug in your favourite non-streaming audio device.


Apple offers loads of 4K and HDR movies through iTunes for the same price as its normal HD content, making this streaming box a no-brainer for viewers that want to stream the highest-quality films.


These over-ear headphones borrow planar magnetic driver tech from the much pricier Oppo PM-1 headphones, and the end result is a well-balanced sound with good detail across the frequency range. The light and comfy design makes them ideal for commutes or long listening sessions at home.

SMARTWATCH: Apple watch series 3

The 4G version of the Apple Watch Series 3 uses an electronic SIM so you can leave your mobile at home and take calls on your wrist while tracking your walks, runs and cycles through GPS. 

4K TV: LG OLED 55 C7

Every pixel in this 55-inch OLED screen from LG  produces its own light, delivering a huge contrast range with ample helpings of brightness and colour. The thin design and simple operating system makes this screen a cinch to use and easy on the eye, even when it’s off.


iPhone, regardless of which one, is a durable gadget. Not exclusively is its firmware solid, its firmware is correct other than it as far as reliance and unwavering quality. Truth be told, despite everything I recall my companion and chief’s iPhone 5 getting squashed under a substantial vehicle and as yet being operable despite the fact that the screen was a goner.

All things considered, iPhone is a solid bit of hardware yet there are cases where one comprehends it needs an iPhone repair, and that this repair is out of the proprietor’s hands.

In this way, here is a little guide on what can be repaired and what can’t be.

iPhone 2G:

2G telephones are old. In this way, being straightforward I will simply say that spending such a great amount on a telephone that doesn’t cost as much as the repair charges resembles wagering cash on limping horse. The parts are difficult to get and subsequently, uncommon and costly. All in all, what about at last grasping the 4G period?

iPhone 3G and 3GS:

Moderately a superior choice, 3G and 4G may likewise be leaving date, however their parts are still simple to discover. 4G telephones are as yet practical however in the event that it’s approaching you for a repair at regular intervals, it’s an ideal opportunity to state farewell to your ol’ dependable telephone.

iPhone 4 and 4S:

iPhone repairing for era 4 and 4S are the slightest of complains. These innovations are still in the range of clients and since individuals became more acquainted with of the capability of our most loved SIRI around the season of iPhone 4 and 4S, clients have never thought back. This is the place iPhone repair offers more an incentive for cash. In the event that you have one of these, dependably organize the alternative of repair over that of purchasing another telephone.


iPod gen 1 and 2 are as of now obsolete. I’d even placed 3 in the collectibles classification. Be that as it may, 4 in any case, merits repairing. What may matter more than the cost of repair, the substance inside that you have obtained. This totally approves repairing of iPod era 4.


Also, iPad 1 and possibly 2 are obsolete and however they may not be a sad case, their equipment’s outdated nature ought to be a reason enough to at long last let them rest in peace. Be that as it may, iPad Air and Air 2 may in any case have a year or a couple in them. So yes, on the off chance that you have a more up to date iPad, realize that it can in any case be spared.

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