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Liberty Car Insurance

Getting a good quote is great.
But getting a great value quote is better.

At Liberty Insurance, we don’t just offer affordable car insurance.
We offer great value cover with extra benefits as standard – whether you choose Fully Comprehensive or Third Party Fire and

Theft cover.
So let’s have a look at what you’re covered for.

All our motor policies include Step Back No Claims bonus protection. If you’ve earned four or more years no claims bonus, one claim won’t mean losing your entire discount.
Whether you choose Comprehensive cover, or Third Party Fire & Theft, every Liberty car insurance policy holder is entitled to free breakdown assistance too.

That means if your car won’t start or breaks down, you’ll receive free 24-hour breakdown assistance. We’ll arrange and pay for an hour’s labour at your home or the roadside and if it’s needed, we’ll have the vehicle towed to the nearest garage. Using this service won’t affect your no-claims bonus either.

You’ll also benefit from audio cover up to 635 euro, plus loss of keys cover of up to 850 euro, although do keep in mind that claiming for these will affect your no claims discount.
And if you’ve been in an accident, call us. We’re here, 24 hours a day, seven days a week and you’ll be assigned a dedicated contact to deal with your claim from start to finish.

Our Fully Comprehensive motor insurance has even more to offer, like a replacement car for up to five days if yours is stolen. Comprehensive also includes money towards medical expenses and up to 65 euro for a hotel stay after an accident.

So, whichever option you choose, Fully Comprehensive or Third Party Fire and Theft, you’ll receive great value cover with Liberty Insurance.

That’s insurance the way it should be.

Onscreen visuals/text: Acceptance criteria, terms and conditions apply. Liberty Insurance DAC is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland


Money Is Your Friend, So Keep More Of It With Easy Auto Insurance Tips

It is a typical misinterpretation that the cost of accident protection consequently drops as the driver achieves 25 years old. Protection begins going down at around 18, contingent upon their reputation.

TIP! Try not to cross out your first accident coverage approach unless you have gotten your new collision protection. Mischances happen constantly, and being without collision protection notwithstanding for brief time is a bet.

Be mindful so as to never slip by on your scope since this could expand the sum you would need to pay for your accident coverage. You can make crevices in scope effectively by moving starting with one protection transporter or strategy then onto the next one. When insurance agencies wind up plainly mindful of a slip by, rates go up.

TIP! Packaging your protection can enable you to save money on accident protection. This implies you should hope to package these offers by guaranteeing your auto and home together.

Whatever truck or an auto you purchase will direct how much your protection installment will be each month. Insurance agencies charge higher premiums for that top of the line extravagance demonstrate you cherish to such an extent. Picking a protected and dependable lower end model can truly spare you some cash over the long haul.

Accident protection

TIP! Your auto protection is firmly influenced by movement tickets and focuses affecting your driving record. On the other hand, the less focuses you have on your permit, the lower your protection costs.

Never drive without accident protection. Having collision protection can secure your accounts, should you be in an auto crash. These tips ought to be utilized to help you alongside your scan for an insurance agency.

Auto Protection tips and strategies to bring down your protection costs. We don’t take in these tips in school. They originate for a fact, and a superior comprehension on the most proficient method to deal with your accounts.

A definitive objective is to help lessen your protection cost without making any crevices in scope. This is a fragile adjust, however successful.

Help yourself out, take in the tips previously you start your scan for protection cites. The vast majority of us do the inverse. This can be an expensive choice and simply like most things in life, on the off chance that you are not very much set you up, may be losing over the long haul.

Protection is not quite recently in light of cost, but rather appropriate scope prerequisites. Each State expects you to convey the absolute minimum. Be that as it may, consider the possibility that you have more to lose then simply the absolute minimum.

This is a discussion you will need to have with your operator or intermediary. Request a strategy audit of your present approach first. Once in a while, you don’t have to contrast rates and outside suppliers, however have a survey to ensure you are not missing any rebates.

This is a typical event in protection chasing. Contrast a similar scope rates and what you right now have. Along these lines you are looking at like for like. Genuine numbers mean genuine reserve funds.

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