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Personal Finance Manager App Help 2019

Personal Finance Manager is an easy to use practical App to manage your day to day incomes and expenses. The reports are easy to understand, instantaneous and beautiful with deep financial insight. It has an exciting Award Winning Dashboard as well.
Become “smart” by managing your finances right on your “smartphone”, Analyze and take informed decisions with the help of charts. Keep track of all your transactions, App will do the book keeping and also you can export/import the data!
You can add transactions easily and categorize them quickly, it is also possible to modify or delete them later.

Both Free and Paid Versions of the App are always Ad-free. All the data is saved on your phone. You can lock the data with a personal PIN password.

The reason i wrote this App is because I wanted a simple and lovely App which helps me to keep track of all my incomes and expenses and show me simple, clean and instantaneous current status and also i should be able to see the past data, both Quantitatively and the Trend of my incomes and expenditures. I designed the Dashboard which exactly tells me this information. I have made sure i have total control over the duration i want to observe/analyze the data, because a picture is worth a thousand words!

For me Ads is a BIG NO, so i have not given any Ads for both Free and Paid versions of the App even if it could have helped me financially, In fact i seriously have the opinion that Financial Apps which maintains your data locally should be secure and not connect to Internet(unless it needs to get latest information something like stock market data) so i have made sure this App does not need to connect to the INTERNET.

Currently the App maintains a Single Account with Single Currency. It captures the necessary and critical information while you are adding the transaction. I have tried to keep the interface as simple as possible.
This product has evolved over many iterations of careful design, planning and testing stages. Still many new features are planned in the roadmap, please give your feedback and feature requests to keep encouraging us!

Features(and their availability in Free-F and Paid-P flavours):
– Ad-Free (both in Free & Paid)
– Add, Modify or Delete Income and Expense Transactions (both in F & P)
– Assign categories and sub-categories (both in F & P)
– Award Winning Dashboard, shows transactions Quantitatively and with Trend (both in F & P)
– Drill/Dig through your Categories to Sub Categories with their trend (both in F & P)
– Balance Summary and Classic views (both in F & P)
– Search for transactions in their description text (both in F & P)
– Quickly try out the app by installing sample data, there is option to delete as well (both in F & P)
– Contextual Help on every screen (both in F & P)
– Manage categories by adding new Categories or Sub Categories (Only in Paid App)
– Backup and Restore feature: (Only in Paid App)
– Change the look and feel of the App by customizing the App color (Only in Paid App)
– Lock Feature (Only in Paid App)
– Instantaneous Charts for Day, Week, Month, Year and Custom Durations (both in F & P)

Storage: Reason export/import file for Backup (Only in Paid App)
No Permissions are not required for Free App since Export/Import is disabled.(For Free App)

Needs latest Adobe AIR.

Pls Note: For a pleasant and exciting experience of the App:
We would recommend a minimum screen size of 480×800 and with a 1GHz processor. Tested on Samsung Galaxy S & S3 it works like a charm!.

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