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Personal Finance – Part 1 2019

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As a young professional, you have a busy lifestyle. You want to be successful in your career and enjoy life too. You may also be the decision makers in your families, yet many of us are not confident in the financial choices we are making.

Join financial planners, Stacey He and Maricel Ramos in their live webinar as they discuss wealth-building ideas and tips on how to live a successful financial life early on. Whether you are saving to buy a home, staring a family, or planning for your retirement, Stacey and Maricel will have the answers for you on how to meet your various financial goals.

Stacey He runs a financial planning practice in Toronto, focusing on the needs of busy career professionals. Stacey’s mission is to help her clients grow their wealth and enhance their financial standing. Her passion is in educating and empowering young people to make smart financial choices early on in life and she is a big believer in promoting financial literacy to the public. Stacey has a strong involvement in the community. She serves as the Toronto Chapter President of the organization Femfessionals LLC. She is also the co-founder of Good Financial Choice – an organization dedicated to promoting financial literacy and teaching young people about smart money management.

Maricel is a CPA and runs a financial planning practice in downtown Toronto. She is the Area leader for the Community Connect program and coordinates outreach initiatives between schools, organizations and other CPA volunteers. Her mission is to help individuals understand their financial reality and solve their financial problems to help them sleep better at night. She believes that the financial planning process is a necessary foundation for financial success and maintaining peace of mind. Maricel takes pride in building strong client relationships through ongoing coaching and engagement.

Date: 03 March 2015 
Time: 10:00am Eastern
Location: Online via IEEETv:


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