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Home / News / Salisbury residents react to May’s Russia accusation

Salisbury residents react to May’s Russia accusation

Local residents in Salisbury reacted to United Kingdom Prime Minister Theresa May’s accusation that Russia was behind the attempted assassination of ex-Russian double agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia in Salisbury’s city centre in Wiltshire on Tuesday.

Simon, a resident of Salisbury, criticised May’s accusation against Russia, stating “it’s a bit early to start throwing accusations around before more information comes in,” adding that “whether that was the Russian government, or freelancers or the Russian mafia, who knows, I mean I think actually accusing the Kremlin is a little bit premature to me.”

“Who else was it?” stated Sandra, also a Salisbury resident that believes Russia was behind the incident, adding that “there’s got to be some kind of retaliation,” with another local, Sue, adding “I mean what would Margaret Thatcher have done? She didn’t stand any nonsense from anyone did she?”

Another resident, Sid, expressed his view that he believed the British government themselves were behind the incident, saying “I think the British are behind it, that’s my opinion, someone top rank, MI5 or whatever you call them, that’s my opinion. I don’t think it’s the Russians, they’re too clever, got too much money to lose.”

Still another Salisbury local expressed his doubts that we will ever find out the truth, adding “I think the reality is probably we will never know.”

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