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Halo 3 Trick/Glitch – The Cage

The “Cage” is a room at the very end of Sierra 117. The room itself has bars around it preventing you from simply walking inside.

Over the course of nearly 10 years, people from the tricking community have tried many various ideas to get inside this room, including Phantom Flip Launching, Phantom Turret Clipping, Phasing, and more. All to no avail. We knew you had to find a way to go past solid geometry, but with the lack of materials, it made the idea of getting into this room daunting.

Phasing near the cage seemed to be “the idea that couldn’t fail” since when in solid space you can spawn a player back into playable space. However, we couldn’t get close enough to the cage before we died to successfully spawn a player in.

We then started to look at box launching. We had previously tried this idea before and while we could get our bodys in, we couldn’t survive going through the wall without splattering, even with invincibility.

One day, when we were messing around with box launching, we actually got sent into solid space alive! Turns out, we hit the edge of the cage’s Arch that surrounds the room. When we launched, we “edge bounced” off the arch and it amplified our launch power just enough to send us into solid space. We then knew from past experience if you could place an object past the wall and you hit it as you launched through the wall, you would be able to spawn someone in the cage. We used the pelican for this purpose and it worked!

HIH Cage Challenge Threads:

( was shut down in 2016 and sadly the Challenge Threads there were lost)

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