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Sue Your Mortgage Lender and Force them to “PRODUCE THE NOTE” 2019

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Learn the “PRODUCE THE NOTE” strategy to fighting back against your lender and winning.

Most lenders have LOST the original mortgage note and cannot find it. Think of the promissory note that you signed as a check. If the check you signed and gave someone to cash at a later date is LOST – then guess what? THEY CAN’T PROVE THAT YOU EVER OWED THEM ANYTHING.

This is the same way it works with your promissory note and your mortgage. The recorded mortgage is simply public record notice and lien against your home which references the promissory note – which is not recorded.

In order to have legal standing to foreclose against you, your mortgage lender must prove they are the owners of the debt. And the way to prove this is by producing the ORIGINAL promissory note.

If they cannot produce this – they cannot foreclose against you.

WARNING – many corrupt banks have digital scanned copies of the note but they can’t find the ORIGINAL. So what they are doing is printing these scanned copies through high resolution color copiers and presenting these as proof.

It is almost impossible to tell these are copies to a novice. But if you take a yellow highlighter and run it over the ink signature – it will smudge. On a copy – the signature ink will NOT smudge. Also you can flip the notary seal page upside down to see if the ink stamp bleeds through. It will not bleed through on a copy. You can also check the signature lines and look for the pressure indent from signing – which will not be present on a copy.

It is absolutely incredible the lengths to which the major mortgage banks committed fraud against homeowners and the politicians and powers to be just look the other way.

You have to fight back to save your home. This is one strategy. Another strategy is to take the offense and sue for damages.

There are several class action lawsuits you can join throughout the country. Fill out the form on for more information. No obligation FREE consultation.


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