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The Creepiest Urban Legends To Keep You Up At Night


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SFX Provided By AudioBlocks
Drone Town_undrscr.aif
Licensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc.
Shadow Dance Part II_fullmix.aif
Licensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc.
CE The Dungeon Pad_fullmix.aif
Licensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc.
CE Sexual Differences_fullmix.aif
Licensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc.
Trapped In A Gap_fullmix.aif
Licensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc.

Statue of an Angel in the cemetery holding flowers
mzajac/Getty Images
Dirty white car with fingerprints
Mac99/Getty Images

Footage provided by VideoBlocks
Chapel and cemetery in Agios Fokas Laconia
Voyagerix/Getty Images
A view of a typical Spanish apartment house.
Kuan7777/Getty Images
Driver playing car radio, stations shifting
Andrii Bicher/Getty Images
4k Absract light background
ayagiz/Getty Images
White snowdrop flowers in an old cemetery
opal2/Getty Images
Flying down the Potomac River with D.C. in the distance.
viafilms/Getty Images
Antique Gravestones on Old Jewish Cemetery at Sunrise Steadicam
maradek/Getty Images
Electric Voltage Meter.Electrician using voltmeter for checking office equipment
IIhor/Getty Images
Camera slides over autumn lawn to reveal ranch suburban home at night
Joseph Kelly/Getty Images
night movement of trains on a railway junction
alex57111/Getty Images
girl sitting on chair and playing with a doll.
Елена Новикова/Getty Images
Panoramic view of coniferous trees in a misty forest
LPinchuk/Getty Images
Establishing shot of old historical building on busy street in small american town
Joseph Kelly/Getty Images
Fedaia Mountain Pass, Dolomites, Italy
Lady-Photo/Getty Images
Driving through Fedaia Mountain Pass. Dolomites, Italy
Lisa-Blue/Getty Images
Headlights of car approaching on a dark road
Stusya/Getty Images
Easter adorable white bunny outdoor on green background running away. Slow motion
Kristina Kokhanova/Getty Images
Exterior crime scene tape outside daytime Police Line Do Not Cross dolly shot
JaimeByrd/Getty Images
Close-up backlit view of centre pivot irrigatiing vegetables
MartinHarvey/Getty Images
Cave Paintings Of Animals By Firelight
RockfordMedia/Getty Images
young woman hitch-hiking on a road at the fields. Young girl hippy hitchhiking on the road. Among the mountains in nature. Going on the road.
Sibfilm/Getty Images
defocused dance floor
bennymarty/Getty Images
CLOSE UP Derelict decaying home next to beautiful semi-detached house in Detroit
helivideo/Getty Images
CLOSE UP: Two semi-detached abandoned decaying houses in Detroit
helivideo/Getty Images
Aerial of Waterfront City Park with Piers and Downtown City Skyscraper Buildings in Background
OpenRangeStock/Getty Images
Fire In Wooden House
Aeroshotpro/Getty Images
Morning fog on a calm river, sepia toned
3sbworld/Getty Images
Cherry blossom in the wind
pkujiahe/Getty Images
4K Horror Shot Of Woman Trying to Breath in Plastic Bag
MarioProduction/Getty Images
4K Crime Scene Evidences and Dead Body Finger Moving
MarioProduction/Getty Images
Hiker walking away from the camera
Spencer_Whalen/Getty Images
Spooky Old Metal Gate Under A Lightning Storm
Nissim Farin/Getty Images
Cemetery at night with colorful candles for All Saints Day. All Saints’ Day is a solemnity celebrated on 1 November by the Catholic Church. Static shot
ramiai/Getty Images
Beautiful old ruined house.
Kolidzei/Getty Images
Hanging Rope in Wind
tavi_repede/Getty Images
4k Halloween Shot of a Horror Woman Screaming with Blackout Eyes
MarioProduction/Getty Images
Manhattan Bridge at sunset establishing shot
ErikvanIngen/Getty Images
Manhattan Bridge at sunset establishing shot
ErikvanIngen/Getty Images
Crash at night road
iv-serg/Getty Images
Couple is dancing together at club
iD-Stock/Getty Images
Flythrough shot of energetic party people dancing in club
wundervisuals/Getty Images
Noose and the abandoned farmhouse.
Blooms-Studio/Getty Images
Moon over the lake at night.
Blooms-Studio/Getty Images
fire in wooden house
zgr_pro/Getty Images
Fence Traffic Timelapse
revelpix/Getty Images
Solitary tree on green meadow, timelapse clouds at sunset
circotasu/Getty Images
White female wild sheep
TwitchyFilms/Getty Images
fire in wooden house
zgr_pro/Getty Images
Hanging noose with the moon in the background.
Blooms-Studio/Getty Images
Baby Doll in the Corner
revelpix/Getty Images
Easter bunny waiting for laundry
viafilms/Getty Images
DOLLY: Little girl goes to school
benjikat/Getty Images
Group of family photos, dolly movement
viafilms/Getty Images

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